Aug 4

Three Ways to Increase Donations with Text Messaging

posted by Mobile Commons on August 4

  Nonprofits put in all sorts of efforts in order to further their goals, but one of the most important outcomes of these efforts is engaged supporters who donate during fundraising season. Text messaging is a great tool for sending creative messages that engage your supporters on a personal level and key them into your campaign’s [...]


Jul 28

Fission Sparkles at Netroots Nation - A Recap

posted by Anna Hovland on July 28

Fission Strategy was at Netroots Nation  in Phoenix this year and had an incredible time… Cheryl, our CEO at Fission and a board member at Netroots Nation, hit the ground running with a CNN interview around the next election cycle and Hillary Clinton’s notable absence at Netroots. Hemly started off Netroots with the #NN15 [...]


Jul 17

Our CEO Cheryl Contee on CNN from #NN15

posted by Anna Hovland on July 17

Progressives are keenly aware that Hillary Clinton isn't at Netroots this year, and want her to "feel the Bern"! Our CEO Cheryl Contee spoke with CNN today about it - watch around 1:28.    Don't miss our team at Netroots this year. Here is our agenda for the rest of the conference:   Friday, July 17 Cheryl [...]


Jul 14

We hope to see you at Netroots this year!

posted by Cheryl Contee on July 14

It’s that time of year, y’all. NETROOTS NATION. Three of our very own will be sharing stories and insights on a range of issues this week in Phoenix: Fission CEO and NN Board of Directors member Cheryl Contee (@ch3ryl), Chief Innovation Officer Austen Levihn-Coon (@austenlc) and VP of Mobilization & Digital Strategy Hemly Ordoñez [...]


Jul 13

5 Questions to Consider Before Launching Your First Nonprofit SMS Campaign

posted by Anna Hovland on July 13

  Making the decision to incorporate text messaging into your nonprofit’s marketing outreach is a big one, but doing your research beforehand can make the process a smooth and educational experience. Here are five questions that your nonprofit organization should consider when thinking about what you want to accomplish with your first [...]